The Writ Has Dropped!

Important Milestone Tonight - We need your help

Greg Clark

Friends --

Four by-elections have been called for October 27 and now the hard work of campaigning begins. But the by-election call is not the only milestone this week.

TONIGHT is the end of the Q3 reporting period for political parties. A week into this campaign Elections Alberta will be releasing fundraising and donor numbers for the last three months. That release will inform the first decision voters and pundits will be making as they narrow their choices: who's up and who's down? Who's in the mix? 

We can't afford to have people decide the energy lies elsewhere.


We need every dollar and donor we can to make real to the public the incredible momentum the Alberta Party has had for the past few months. But the window to do that closes TONIGHT.

I'm asking all members who haven't donated in the last three months to give what they can. Even a $3 contribution made by the end of the month means the number of donors we have increases by one. If you can give more, please do.

By-elections are about stories. The PCs would like the story to be about renewal. The Wildrose would like the story to be one of revenge. Your donation helps write OUR story: one of new energy and a brighter future.

With your help we can win these elections. Let's give it all we've got.

Catherine Brownlee
Executive Director, Alberta Party

P.S. - Any donations you make are eligible for significant tax credits. You'll get back 75% of the first $200 you give in a calendar year plus 50% back for the next $900 and 33% of the following $1200. This means the actual cost of a $100 donation is only $25.

Make your donation now

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